Arch. Light Train Table Design #2  
What's the Table Made Of? Can I Customize It to Suit Me? What Tools Will I Need?
  • The pictured table is made from Pine Boards and has a hardboard top. It has been given a clear natural finish but can also be Painted or Stained any color that suits your taste.
  • The table has been constructed with optional Built-In Drawers which provide valuable space for storage of train pieces.
  • The table is approximately 32"W x 48"L x 18"H.
  • This table can be made from any wood product which is available in 1 x 4 , 1 x 6, and 1 x 10 boards. You can upgrade from pine to a nicer wood such as Aspen, Oak, Maple, Walnut or Cherry, or downgrade to MDF.
  • You can make minor adjustments to the dimensions as required.
  • Total cost will depend on the exact materials, hardware and finishes you choose.
  • The table can be built in your garage or basement using the following tools:
  • Hand-held Jigsaw
  • Skillsaw
  • Electric Drill
  • Sandpaper and Sanding block (a portable hand held vibrating sander is helpful but not necessary).
  • Foam Brush and Clean Cloth for applying finishes.

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